Lime Street

Lime Street Ward Club was founded in 1946, its founding Meeting being on 16th January. It was formed, amongst others by Alderman Sir Bracewell Smith BSc. (Aldermanic Sheriff 1943/44 who became Lord Mayor in November 1946), Sir Percy Sheperd. CC, The Rt Hon Ralph Assheton. MP,  Sir Percy Greenaway, having 45 members at the end of its first year. The Master for the first two years being Major Alfred D.S.Rice, JP, CC.with the first Hon Sec being Mr R.T. Rivington MA. Ll.B. Sir Bracewell Smith was President from the founding until 1965.
Sir Bracewell Smith was apparently know as "braces" in the City. On one occasion after a Banquet at Mansion House he apparently could not sleep so went for a walk in his pyjamas, dressing down and slippers! whist staring into the river on Southark Bridge a policemen shouted out "Don't do it" (Suicide). "Unhand me I am the Lord Mayor" - "A likely story". He was taken to the Police Stion, where he was recognised!

At our AGM in Feb 2016 that we agreed to change our name to reflect how we have actually operated for some years, being a Ward Club for both Cornhill and Lime Street Wards. Robert Howard who was Lime Street's Deputy until he was elected as Alderman for the Ward of Cornhill is equally pleased.

Robert was elected as Vice - President and Upper Warden of the Ward Club at the 2016 AGM. 



Under a Corporation of the City of London experiment in around 1975/6 Cornhill Ward was grouped with Lime Street Ward. Although the experiment at the Corporation level failed Cornhill councilmen and people from the Ward were invited to join the LSWC including inviting Cornhill councilmen on its committee.  The link remains as strong as ever. In general though the club is referred to as the Lime Street Ward Club.

City Officials

Within our membership today we have various City officials including;

Our President: Alderman Charles Bowman

  • Alderman for Lime Street Ward

Our Vice President: Alderman Robert Howard

  • Alderman for Cornhill Ward
  • Common Councilman (and Deputy) for Lime Street Ward (retired Oct 2015)
  • Upper Warden of our Ward Club (2016/2017)

Common Councilmen – Lime Street Ward   - Cornhill Ward

  • Tim Clementi                                         
  • Elizabeth Rogula (Deputy)                      
  • Henry Longhurst                                    
  • Dominic Christian 

Tim Willens (Hon Ward Clerk)

Common Councilmen – Cornhill Ward

  • Deputy Rev’d Stephen Haines
  • Mr Peter Dunphy
  • Ian Seaton

Guy Petty (Hon Ward Clerk) 


Our Alderman

 Elected Sheriff and with the kind generosity of many in the City, I was presented with my Badge of Office at Grocers Hall - it was very pleasing that The Master and The HonSec were among the guests.

Sheriff's Badge of Office 2015 

Our Master, Hon Sec, Immediate Past Master, Hon Treasurer and Member Teresita Cutting were honoured to attend The Presentation Ceremony in the Guildhall Library after the Silent Ceremony on Friday 13th. Our President was presented with an Illuminated Address - a copy is below.




Alderman Charles Bowman was Elected Lord Mayor for 2017/2018



Our "Header"

This is used on all our stationery and on our Web-site “Banner”. 
One story re this design, was that it was taken from an image of part of a mantelpiece that was originally in one of the main rooms of the East India Company’s Head Office in Leadenhall Street. The story went that when the building was  pulled down this mantelpiece was removed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall.

According to the FCO (with much thanks to one specific person) a "mantlepiece" with this design is definitely not in the FCO building. although there is a mantlepiece that does come from the East India Company's Offices (very similar concept but not the same design as our note paper).   

The "story" almost certainly comes from a letter from the British Library Jan 1993 in reply to an enquiry from Past Master Brian Wakeham re our "Header". It states "I have not seen that particular seascape before and it looks rather a though it was commisioned as an "overmantle"

A copy of a painting of typical Ships of the era "East Indiamen" was also included - very similar in style to that on our cufflinks. 

"The Inglis East Indiaman" Engraving by E duncan after W.J. Huggins Publ 1832 (Negative B 8054))

The actual story re our "Header" is slightly different.


The Background
November 19th 1970 Meeting,  Abercorn Rooms 

It was agreed at this meeting that part of the “fascia” of an early 1700's East India Company’s office in Leadenhall Street - it was located approx where the entrance to the Lloyd’s 1928 building is situated - be incorporated into our note paper. 

Why take something from East India Company at all ?
"As Lime St Ward has no church or “gate” this seems an appropriate idea" being an organisation from within our Ward. (I wonder why they did noot chose Lloyd's ?)

The actual header itself is taken from an etching of the Companies Head Office in Leadenhall Street that was pulled down in 1726 and rebuilt over the following three years. The committee in 1970 obviously researched the history of this banner in some detail particularly taking extracts from a book called The East India House by William Foster.

There are only three etchings known of "Our Building" - one is called the Dutch View because of the Dutch written at the top - this was an engraving from a small painting - the painting and the original plate have never been found. It is known that the superstucture was not put up until 1661 and a balcony, not in this picture was added in 1688. 
A 1993 British Library Reference (E.I. House to Orbit House Ex H. Cat No 3 + Negative B1050)

Dutch Version of East India House

This is not the print that we used (the ships are different)

The next is called the "Overley" named after a William Overly (a "joyner")who used the picure to promote his wares

The text below this print talks about making - "at the Sign of the East India House all sorts of  Sea Chests.....Packing Chests.........Tables, ......, Writing Desks, Letter holders... also counters and all sorts of joyners work done at reasonable rates


Another facade of the East India Company

this one was apparently originally prepared in the late 1600's but ammended at a later date to incorporate a new Royal Coat of Arms. The version below was reproduced in the Gentlemen's Magazine December 1794. British library Reference from 1993 (E.I. to Orbit house Ex H. Cataologue no 4 + Negative B1049) 


The 3rd etching is called "Vertue" and is named after the likely engraver George Vertue and can be dated to 1711.
There are more ships included and no dolphins on the top of the building - this is the one our Banner is based on


Picture of front of East India House - Leadenhall Street


The first proof of our notepaper was used it seems on  11th of March 1971 with a letter to our President of the time,  Alderman Alan Greenway ( Daniel Greenaway and Sons – Printers and Stationers Dashwood House, Old Broad Street) ) who had provided the paper/printing…. it included the following very practical request.

“I wonder if it would be possible to have 1,000 sheets to cover our requirements for this year. I understand that this letter is being written on A4 size paper(210cm x 297cm). I wonder if there is a slightly larger size because as you know we have to fit in a tear off slip for people to use in replying.”
2 weeks later a version was provided on “foolscap” (8½ inches x 13 ½ inches / 215cm x 342cm) which had been a standard size English Paper for over 400 years – problem solved.

Our  Hon Sec’s opinion in 2011 (Daphne Cave) – “What a sensible request, would save having to use 2 pages of A4 as we have to do sometimes now”

See an example of its first use below (foolscap) below noting that the original colour chosen was brown ink on cream paper (“The colour as you will agree, is non political and I feel the general effect is one of stability and tranquility. The picture, (East India Company) will no doubt raise certain observations from various quarters, but after all, this is a Ward club for “discussion and goodwill”) – Mr Alan P Greenaway. 25/3/1971
Mr Greenaway himself had suugested something more akin to our "Bage" (City of London shield, with saling ship as an overlay) 

First Headed Notepaper

A very detailed proposal was put to a sub committee at the end of 1970 which involved the "logo" being printed in red and the names of the officers in black. With the logo proposed being basicaly as per our cuff Links below, other ideas were Lutine Bell - Insurance, a pair of scales - The Market.

In a memo 28th September 1970 other suggestions included a picture of East India House from A History of Lloyd's (Charles Wright and Ernest Fayle), the picture being by Thomas Malton (Younger), possibly something simialr to this one ?????? to be loaded!
The notes include the quote - we need to consider if we want a view of the East India House on our notepaper as this is already on our Master's Badge!! See note below.

Although in the end it was decided to use a Banner Hradline for our note paper, see above, there was a very strong case put forward for "a simple symbol representing the City of London and, Shipping, Insurance or Leadenhall Market. Please look at our Tie Pin (and Cuff Links) below.

Master's Chain of Office and Jewel

Presented by Sir Bracewell Smith Bt KCVO BSc (Founder President) on the creation of the Club in 1946.

It was believed that the picture on the Jewel was of The East India Company Head Office in Leadenhall Street. If you look carefully at the pictures - it does not show East India House - it shows the Mansion House (steps going up both sides at the front)

The only clue is one letter after the meeting in Nov 1970 that states - "although the Master's badge was passed round I did not get a close enough look to see that the badge actually does include a picture of East India House".

Obviously a group of the Committee at the time thought it did! 


 Master's Jewel Lime Street Ward

The engraving on the back states "MASTER'S BADGE"


 Lime Street Ward Club Master's Jewel - reverse

Upper and Lower Warden's Badges

Design for Upper and Lower Warden's Badges

The Upper Warden's Badge was very generously donated by Past Master Bryan Wakeham in 1993
The Lower Warden's Badge was very generously donated by Past Master Roland Hughes in ????? 
The Hon Secretary's Badge was very generously donated jointly by John Tuff - Master 2001 and John Bristow Master 2002, in February 2002.
The Immediate Past Master's Badge was very generously donated by Master Mr Stanley Liu in 2011 



Ward Club Standard

Very kindly Presented by Past Masters Mrs Julie Gubbins and Mr Mark Gubbins to the Club in 2006. It is the responsibility of the Lower Warden to look after it and bring it to our Formal events in his/her year of office.


Although not "ours" as such - The wooden standard of Lime Street and Cornhill Ward - is also of great interest.


Club Ties, Broach and Cufflinks

The 2 Club Ties

The club has had two designs for its tie, the earlier one showing two different variations of our "crest" one very similar to the design of our Broach.  The more recent tie just showing our "crest" being the badge of the City of London with a sailing ship superimposed on top. This is the same design as on our Cufflinks.

Lime Street Ward Club Cuff Links

Goblets (2)

  • The first was presented by Mr Bryan Toye Alderman of Lime Street 1983 – 1996
  • The second was presented by Mr Bryan Wakeham - Master 1999

Presented by Bryan Wakeham - Master 1999 

Past Masters (+ = Past Master of Langbourne Ward Club as well)

1946/47    Major Alfred D.S. Rice, JP, CC                                                        1988/89   Ronald Garton - Government Freight Contractors

1947/48    Major Alfred D.S. Rice, JP, CC                                                        1989/90   Deryck C. Skerton

1948/49    W.A. Hicks                                                                                   1990/91   Mrs. Julie S. Gubbins

1949/50    Russell Jeffreys, Deputy - Leadenhall Market Trader (Cheese)           1991/92  Miss Elizabeth H.L. Rogers

1950/51    H.L. Tabor, CBE - Leadenhall Market Trader (Eggs ?)                        1992/93  Raymond Jorden

1951/52    R.W. Vick, Deputy                                                                          1993/94  Wilfred W. Archibald, CC, Deputy

1952/53    J.F. Huxtable                                                                                 1994/95  Mrs. Pat Perkins

1953/54    G.U. Salvi - Cockburn and Leith                                                       1995/96  Mrs Christine MacKenzie Cohen CC

1954/55    A.J. Hullett                                                                                    1996/97  Vincent E. Emms, FCII

1955/56    E. Stuart Hunt, CC - Solicitor                                                           1997/98  Charles Bowman - Lloyd's Broker

1956/57    A. Charles Trinder, CC Alderman Aldgate Ward, Sheriff 1964/65 - Lord Mayor  1998/99  Dennis Cotgrove, CC

1957/58    A. Charles Trinder, CC Business Trinder Anderson - connections with Harvey Trinder and Co   1999/2000  Bryan R.J. Wakeham

1958/59    Norman C. Tremellen, CC Chairman Langbourn Ward Club 1963/64, Business Nrmal Tremellen and Co  2000/01  Rowland L. Hughes, FCA

1959/60    Major Henry Duckworth, Deputy - Pandora's Box (Sweet Kiosk), Leadenhall Market  2001/02  John H. Tuff - Lloyd's Underwriter

1960/61    D.E.E. Cresswell - Underwriter - A.L.Sturge                       2002/03  John J. Bristow - Lloyd's Underwriter

1961/62    J.R.C. Holmes - Jack - Landlord - Grapes                          2003/04  Peter G. Hill - Lloyd's Broker

1962/63    G.D.T. Grinter - Cockburn and Co                                    2004/05  Roger N. Earthrowl

1963/64    J.E. Evan-Cook, JP, CC - Evan-Cook - John - Removals and Storage  2005/06  Mark B. Gubbins - Lloyd's Broker

1964/65    W.H. Wharton - Past Chairman, Langbiurn Ward Club - Landord of Ship Tavern   2006/07  Mrs Ann B. Benson - Lloyd's Broker

1965/66    A.P. Hobbs Alan - Joseph W Hobbs and Co -Insurance Brokers - Alan                  2007/08  Robert Woodthorpe Browne - Lloyd's Broker

1966/67    Douglas B. Aldous - Hon Sec Lime Street Ward Club - Mclaine Watson and Co   (Commodities)  2008/09  I. Harvie Peebles (Eggs)

1967/68    L.V. Drew - Mayor of Ilford - Tailor - Leslie                           2009/10  Alistair R S Bassett Cross (Army and Magistrate)

1968/69    B.B. Cooper - Basil - Wife ran The Forum Club                      2010/11  Stanley Liu - Caterer

1969/70    H. Gansel Brewer - Charman Langbourn Ward Club - Geo Brewer and Partners  2011/2012 Stephen Hatton FCA - Acountant at DeBeers

1970/71    D.G.H. Hobbs - Dereyk - Joseph Hobbs and Co                      2012/2013 James Cross

1971/72    R.C.L. Charvet, RD, CC  - Richard - Alderman of Aldgate and Sheriff - Killick  Martin (Shipping Agents) 2013/2014 Vernon Ashford

1972/73    Donald E. Abel Secretary to LSWClub - Surveyor for Brewing Firm  2014/2015 Peter Cave - REinsurance Broker

1973/74    John Mepham - Electrical Contractor                                            2015/2016 Mrs Rosanne Bowman

1974/75    George W. Burrow, CC - Geo Burrow (Group Insurance)                2016/2017 Mr Timothy Willens - Reinsurance Broker

1975/76    Bernard Pettipierre - President United Wards Club - Eastcheap Commodity Trader, Tinned Goods 2017/2018 Robert Howard  - Charles Stanley 

1976/77    Frederick G. Bird - Chairman Langbourn Ward Club - J Carter and Co (Office Equipment and Removals) 2018/2019 Mrs Daphne Cave (also Hon Sec)

1977/78    Ian D. McNeil, CC - Lloyd's Broker                                                                                                    2019/2020 Sally Anne Hill

1978/79    Charles Wiard - Superintendant Billinsgate and Leadenhall Markets 

1979/80    James Newby - John Townsend and Co - Jim

1980/81    Hugh Breslin - Manager Moss Bross, 21 Lime Street

1981/82    Edward W. Kelloe - Alexander Howden  - Insrance Broker - Bill

1982/83    Michael J. Beale, Deputy - Amalgamated Metals

1983/84    Sir David H.S. Howard, Bt - Sheriff and Lord Mayor, Alderman Cornhill, Vice President - Charles Stanley - Stockbroker

1984/85    John de Vine

1985/86    David C. Butcher - Supernintendent Billngsgate and Leadenhall Markets 

1986/87    Brian Barber - Building Contractor

1987/88    David J. Bridges

 Who were some of our earlier Members/Masters ?

1958/59 Norman Tremellen (insurance Broker - had his own company)
1959/60 Major Harry Duckworth - owner of two Confectioners. Lime Street and Leadenhall Market

1961/62 Jack Holmes  Landlord of the Grapes

1964/65 "Dave" Wharton - Manager of the Ship Inn - Leadenhall Street - closed in 2010

1967/68 Leslie Drew, Tailor - Forum House - Lime Street Had another ship in Ilford and became Mayor of Ilford

1972/3 Don Abel - a very active member who was responsible for bringing in many members.  Hon Sec. for a time
1976/77 Frederick Bird (Dicky) - owner of the major removal and furniture supplies operation in the Lime Street Area - if you worked in this area and moved offices - he was probably involved.

Roy Blankley - Deputy for many years - his daughter ran Evan Employment Agency
Roy was responsible for Dicky Bird, above, joining the Ward Club

Chris Rawson - Alderman ?

Les Lowney - Housekeeper 40 Lime Street
also Housekeeper for Asia House Lime Street/Cullum Street
Bernard Mawbey, Managed Stones (A Wine Bar) in Fenchurch Street
Syd Morris - Managed the Lamb in Leadenhall Market
Provided by James Attridge one of our oldest members (in 2012)

1980/81 Hugh Breslin - Manager of Moss Bros in Lime Street

1988/89 Rnnie Garton. Originally worked for Glen Line and then hogg Robnson G.F.A. Involved in organising frieght to the Gulf in the fisrt Gulf War.

Information provided by Past Master "Dickie" Bird