Events 2008-09: Master Mr Harvie Peebles

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AGM and Dinner  - 26th February - Army and Navy Club

New Members Evening - 27th March - Bunch of Grapes

A visit to Saddlers’ Hall - 18th April
The visit to Saddlers' Hall was arranged with one of the Ward Club's members, Keith Marsh, as the Hall Manager and Beadle of The Worshipful Company of Saddlers.  We were given a tour of the neo-classical style Hall built in 1956/58 on the site of the first Saddlers' Hall which had been established around 1400 in what was known as "the saddlery" between Cheapside and Gutter Lane.  Keith Marsh also talked about the saddlery craft which flourished in London in the early Middle Ages and about the history of The Worshipful Company of Saddlers.  After the tour and talk he split the group into pairs, gave each a list of questions and a "treasure hunt" ensued to find the answers amongst the display cabinets, period furniture and paintings.  We were also shown some of the Company's important pieces of silver and during a talk on the items we were privileged to be able to inspect these closely and ask questions.

Civic Luncheon at Vintners’ Hall - 6th May
The event was a great success not only for the members and their guests, but also for the Lord Mayor who had been impressed by the Clubs organisation in getting him out on time.
Both our President and the Club made separate presentations to our retired Beadle, Mr Edward Kipping, in commemoration of 40 years service to the Ward.

City Walk - 8th May
Started in Leadenhall Market. The walk was specifically devoted to the Market itself and the area around it. Our guide - (a Member), Ross Knox-Homes provided a great deal of information about the Market and its history, and then Buildings and Churches, in Leadenhall Street and around the new Willis building - he was extremely well informed. The walk finished with an excellent supper at the Brokers Wine Bar.

Carol Service - St Peter's upon Cornhill  - 4th December
A tradtional service of Lessons and very well known and loved Carols - supported as usual by the Choir of St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury. The Service was led by our Hon Chaplain Rev'd Mark O'Donoghue.
Choir. (Introit) Ring Christmas Bells (Mykola Leonovitch)
Once in Royal David's City
Choir.The Nativity Carol (John Rutter)

First Lesson - The Lower Warden. Isaiah 9:1-7
While Shepherds watched their flocks by night

2nd Lesson - The Upper Warden. Matthew 1: 18-25
Choir. The Blessed Birth (H.Walford Davies)
Choir Jesus Christ, The Apple Tree (Elizabeth Poston)

Third Lesson - The Master. - Matthew 2:1-12
We three Kings of Orient are

Fourth Lesson - The President. 1 Timothy 1:12-17
Choir. Torches (John Joubert)
O little town of Bethlehem


President's talk on his year as Lord Mayor - 19th January
A wonderfully relaxed and informative presentation by Sir John Stuttard held at Threadneedles Hotel by courtesy of Club Member, Julian Payne, the Hotel’s Manager. 

Other events
Our Master and his wife (June) represented the Ward Club at Langbourn and Aldgate Ward Clubs Civic Luncheons and the Civic Dinner of Bread Street Ward.  Our Master also attended Harvest Festival and Supper and a splendid dinner at Mansion House with the Gardeners’ Livery Company where Lime Street Ward’s Deputy, Mrs Christine Cohen, was Master.  It was a fine coincidence that our President, Sir John Stuttard, was Lord Mayor Locum Tenens at this event. 
He also joined the Farmers Livery at their Harvest Festival and Lunch where he spent some time explaining what Ward Clubs were to the agricultural community. 

His last solo event was a wonderful evening at the HAC in the company of Mr Alistair Bassett Cross.