Our aims and objectives

To be "A welcoming, Social Club with the City and Leadenhall Market at its heart".

Our ward club was set up just after the end of the second World-War (1946) with the express aim of encouraging people who worked in the City, lived in the City or who had connections in the City to;

  • meet others they would not get to meet in the normal course of their daily lives
  • visit places that otherwise they might not get to see
  • grow to understand more about the City and its formal structure.

These aims have not changed.

The Objects of the Club as per our Rules (2) are "to arrange from time to time meetings to promote friendly intercourse, the discussion of Ward, Parochial and City matters, and topics of local and general interest, exclusive of those of a religious or political nature."

To some people, possibly, the concept of a Ward Club sounds an anachronism - ironically as life seems to be creating a more screen based 24/7 environment (how do you escape the Blackberry or iphone..... ?) – the reverse may be true.

Our Ward Club and other such clubs offer a great opportunity to meet people from varied backgrounds in different relaxed social environments.

The Cornhill connection?
Not all Wards have had “Clubs”, Cornhill was one of those. In about 1975-76 the Corporation of the City of London experimented with "grouped wards" as a way of allowing smaller wards to link up to appoint members jointly to some of the Corporation committees. Although the experiment failed very quickly, Cornhill was grouped with Lime Street and in this case the relationships worked well. (Sir) David Howard (Cornhill), Harry Duckworth, the Lime Street Deputy, and Bill Kelloe, Secretary of Lime Street Ward Club at the time proposed that Cornhill people be invited to join the Lime Street Ward Club, including inviting Cornhill Councilmen onto its committee.

The link remains as strong as ever.
In general though, the Club is referred to as the Lime Street Ward Club.