1946 - 1960

Regrettably we have very little information on our early years – all that we can glean follows.
f anyone can add any further “colour” to this rather dry list we would greatly appreciate receiving it petercave.confidence@btconnect.com

Some information is in the process of being added from the the Minutes Book......

Lloyd's Connection
One or two of the legible signatures show that leading figures of the time were active members of our club e.g. RW Sturge, John Meacock 

The inaugural meeting was held on the Thursday 17th January 1946, 4 Angel Court Throgmorton Street.
Unfortunately no notes exist prior to this re the Club's actual creation, although it seems likely some discussion and plans must have been in place, to immediately come up with the structure they did.
Present were;
Alderman Sir Bracewell Smith BSc - who became President
Major Alfred Rice JP, CC, who became Master 
Mr W.A. Hicks - who became Upper Warden
Mr R Jeffryes  - who became Lower Warden
Mr H.L. Tabor
Mr E.V.Wood
Mr G.McDonald
Mr A.E. Johnson
Mr R.T.Rivington MA. LLB - who became Hon Secretary
Mr R.M.Hicks - who became Asst Hon Secretary

In addition the following were apointed as
Vice Presidents;
Deputy Sir H Percy Shepherd CC
Rt Hon Ralph Assheton (?) MP
Alderman Sir Percy Walker Greenaway Bt

Hon Treasurer - Mr E Wheeler FCII

Mr Gardener
Mr C.F.Lewis
Mr W.E.Rice
Mr H.R. Tabor
Mr E.W.Wood
Sir Edward Worthington K.C.V.O.

At the proposal of the President, seconded by Mr Tabor it was agreed that the rules of the Club as proposed by the Master should be adopted (Copy not yet found)
The Master and the President both addressed the meeting as to the reasons for the creation of the Club and the advantages that the Ward would derive from it. (Original reasons not found or minuted!)

Meeting Feb 21st 1946 - 4 Angel Court -  12 members in attendance.
 - over 30 new members were elected including Mr RW Sturge (Lloyd's)
A talk was given by the President on the Office of Alderman in the City of London.

Meeting March 21st 1946 - 4 Angel Court  - 13 members in attendance.
A further 9 members were elected.
A talk was given by Mr George Hicks MP on "Working in the House of Commons"
N.B. The Minutes were signed off in October.

Meeting July 18th 1946 - 5 members - held this time in Forum House 15/18 Lime Street.
The "Signing in book was probably "lost" for a time as the next entry is Npvember 1947.
It was proposed that the Master Major Rice JP CC be congratulated on becoming "Deputy" for our Ward. At the same time Mr Hicks CC (Upper Warden) was congratulated on his co-option to the Court of Common Council -  
Some discussion took place re the future structure of the Club. It was suggested that a Dinner should be held after the next meeting at the Great Eastern Hotel (Above Liverpool Street Station) and that guests should be allowed.
It was unanimously agreed that Rule 13 of the Rules (No copy of original rules yet found)be ammended to allow the Committee to elect Members and inform the Membership at a future Meeting.

Meeting 19th September - Forum House - 9 members
 - our first resignations from the Committee! - Messrs Gardner, Woodthorpe and Worthington.
Agreed to have a "House Dinner" at the Great Eastern Hotel with a speaker. Sub Committee set up to organise. Max cost 8s/6d (Eight Shilling and Sixpence = 42.5p) 

Meeting and Dinner 17th October - Great Eastern Hotel - 16 members
Talk by Mr John Betts - Editor of his newspaper "The City Press" 
Dinner included a further - 9 visitors

Meeting 21st November - Great Eastern Hotel - 5 Committee Members only.
An illuminated scroll had been sent to the new Lord Mayor (Sir Bracewell Smith). 
Agreed that the next meeting (no date) would be just a Christmas Lunch



 Major Alfred Rice JP, CC,
Meeting Nov 13th at the Liverpool Street Hotel - 10 members

Master Mr W.A. Hicks
ANNUAL MEETING – Feb 19th 1948, Innholders Hall – 19 members

Meeting April 15th Great Eastern Hotel - 18 members 

House Dinner and Meeting Sept 16th Great Eastern Hotel – 13 members and 16 Visitors
The club was obviously starting to become more well known as is shown by the attendance at this meeting and at the next ANNUAL MEETING

Master Russell Jeffrys, Deputy- Leadenhall Market Trader
ANNUAL MEETING Feb 17th Great Eastern Hotel – 21 Members and 15 visitors

“House Dinner” – Oct 26th 1949
18 Members and 13 “visitors”

Master H.L.Tabor CBE- Well known Market Trader
ANNUAL MEETING 16th February Great Eastern Hotel – 24 Members – 19 visitors

Meeting April 20th - House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel - 14 Members and 12 Visitors

Meeting November 30th 1950 – House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms, Bishopsgate - 18 members and 10 visitors

Mr R.W. Vick, Deputy 
ANNUAL MEETING 22nd February – Liverpool Street Hotel, 16 Members and 14 visitors
Meeting April 12th - House Dinner - Liverpool Street Hotel – 17 members and 17 Visitors
Meeting November 29th - House Dinner - Great Eastern Hotel – 17 Members and 13 visitors

Mr J.F. Huxtable
ANNUAL MEETING and House Dinner - February 28th – Great Eastern Hotel – 15 Members and 17 visitors
Meeting April 30th – House Dinner - Great Eastern Hotel – 22 Members and 15 visitors
Meeting November 20th - House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel – 13 Members and 11 visitors

1953 – Coronation of Elizabeth II
Master Mr G.U. Salvi - Cockburn & Co (Leith), (Port Importers...) 8 Lime Street
ANNUAL MEETING and House Dinner – Feb 19th – 21 Members and 13 visitors
Meeting April 16th – House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel – 16 Members and 13 “Guests” – the 1st time it seems this description was used officially.
Meeting November 19th – House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel – 21 Members and 22 Guests

Mr A.J. Hullett
ANNUAL MEEETING and House Dinner – 18th February – Liverpool Street Hotel – 20 Members and 13 Guests
Meeting November 18th – House Dinner – Liverpool Street Hotel – 19 Members and 15 Guests

Mr E. Stuart Hunt - Solicitor
ANNUAL MEETING and House Dinner – 24th February – Liverpool Street Hotel – 28 Members and 27 Guests
Meeting April 21st – House Dinner – Liverpool Street Hotel – 12 Members and 7 Guests

Master Mr A. Charles Trinder. Past Alderman of Aldgate Ward, Past Lord Mayor - Sheriff 1964-65 - Business Trinder Anderson and Co - linked with Harvey Trinder - Lloyd's Broker
10th ANNUAL MEETING and House Dinner – 31st July (somewhat later than usual) – Liverpool Street Hotel – 17 Members and 15 Guests
Meeting Nov 14th – House Dinner – Liverpool Street Hotel – 20 Members and 24 Guests

Charles Trinder

11th Annuual General Meeting (they had previously been called Annual Meetings)  and House Dinner – 21st February – Great Eastern Hotel 
   – 23 Members and 26 Guests
Meeting May 9th  – House Dinner – Liverpool Street Hotel – 11 Members and 15 Guests
Meeting 21st Nov – Meeting(no food!) 9 members and 11 Guests


Norman Tremellen (insurance Broker - had his own company)

Meeting 21st February – location unspecified – 23 Members and 20 Guests
(Annual General Meeting and House Dinner presumably ? but see note below re 12th AGM) 
Meeting 17th April  – Meeting  – 18 Members and 15 Guests
Meeting 4th Dec  - 22 members and 21 Guests

Major Harry Duckworth - owner of two Confectioners. Lime Street and Leadenhall Market
12th Annual General Meeting and House Dinner – location unknown – 29 Members and 21 Guests
Please note this is referred to as the 12th Meeting – if one had been held in 1958 it would have been the 13th !
Meeting April 16th House Dinner – location unknown – 12 members and 10 guests
Meeting 19th November – Meeting 18 Members and 12 Guests

D Cresswell
AGM and Dinner – Feb 18th - location unknown – 27 Members and 21 Guests 
Meeting April 21st – House dinner – location unknown – 14 Members and 16 Guests 
Meeting November 17th – House Dinner – location unknown  - 24 members and 28 Guests