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AGM and Annual Dinner - Evening of 27th of February 2017
The AGM was held at the Cheegrater, very knidly hosted by AON as our Dinner venue did not have a large enough room to hold it in their Building. After the AGM a qucik walk round the corener into Gracechurch St and then into St Helens Place - the brand new Leatherseller's Hall (their seventh since the 1400's, awaited us. This is one of the very few occasions, even possibly the first that we have had a Livery Hall residing in Lime Street Ward. We were honoured and very appreciatve of the invitstion to hold our Instalation Dinner in their hall. Merchant Taylors are of course in Cornhill Ward.

For centruries  the Leatherseller's Hall has been on the north side of St Helen's Place (in Bishopsgate Ward). As part of the total refurbishment of the whole of St Helen's Place by the Leathersellers - the Livery Hall and all the livery staff were moved to the southside and thus into our Ward.The Clerk to the Leathersellers and our Hon Sec have been discussing this exciting development for some years. Everything went according to plan.

A glass  of "sparkel" allowed us time to admire the Beautiful Modern Chandelier designed by Dale Chihuly

68 Members and 28 Guests sat down in the main Hall to;

Blue Chip Salmon - Smoked Flakes and Creme Fraiche - Tin Pot Hut SB Marlborough
Guinea Fowl Breast, Tarragon Mousse, Pearl Barley, Madeira and Rosemary Foam - Spice Route Mouvedre 2013
Caramelised Braeburn Apple Tart
Coffee, Petit Fours, Port

After thr formal toasts the Hon Sec welcomed all the guests especially our Guest of Honour - Fiona Adler who probably needed no introduction to the majority present - Fiona being Past Non-Aldermanic Sheriff and current Sheriffs consort.

A resplpendent new hall, with an amazing new Tapestry all round the room designed by Victorai Crowe woven at the Dovecot studio. excelleent food and wine, a great speaker - what else could you ask for. A great start to Robert's year

Tuesday 14th March - LSO in concert - Lord Mayor on Organ
The Hon Sec heared about this concert in aid of the Lord Mayors appealand tholught the Ward Club might be interested and so applied for 20 or so tickets. With a lot of "negotiation" - in the end she managed to get all the requests for tickets covered. 60 Members and guests, went to hear the LSO in fine form. 
The Lord Mayor and his party processed in to Scipio - sould amazing with full rochestra and organ.

Parry  - I was glad
Allegri  - Miserere

Walton - Coronation - Te Deum
Saint-Saens Organ Symphony played by the Rt Hon - The Prod Mayor - Dr Andrew Parmley

A special start to the Masters year 


Members Evening - Monday 27th March
This year's Members Evening had a new venue - The Black Bar - a very trendy and exciting Bar off Old Street in Adam's Court.(Became a Davies Wine Bar a few months later.  25 Members and guests turned out for a really good evening. It  is idssapointing that sometimes an event that is purely social, with no underlying theme seems to be less well supported - a lot of people missed out on good food, good fun and a glass or two. Obviously accompanied by plenty of conversation :)

Visit to Theo Fennell Wed 10th May - South Kensington
A very special evening where 20 lucky members, through the kind assistance of one of our members (Kay Godfrey) were allowed in 2 small groups to visit the workshop of this amazing Jeweller. What made the evening even more special was that we were introduced to the Background and History of TF by Theo Fennell himself, who then toook each group on the tour. 

 From concepts to sketches to amazing drawings to mock ups, to the "real thing". Fantastic. The group who were not on the tour had the opportunity to stroll around the amazing shop getting to hear about some of the Jewellery and other works of art on display whilst enjoying a Glass (or two) of Champagne. After a special evening leaving with a "Goodiebag just added to the overall experience.  

Red Cross Collection Day     Friday 12th May.
Many thanks to Kevin Hughes, Steve Hatton, Liz Thornborough, Julia Blackwell and Peter Cave for collecting around Lloyd's and Leadenhall Market for the Red Cross on Red Cross Collection Day. Drizzle and Cold made it exciting! BUT the "mantra" every £ you get is more than the Red Cross would have got keeps one going. At around 12.15 we "stood down" as the Master of the WC of Insurers and his small team moved in to hopefully "hit" the lunchtime "rush". 

We raised £210, an excellent effort.

Sad to say that 12 months later there were only 2 Volunteers form the whole of the Ward Club - so we stood down - a shame.

The Big Curry LunchThe Hon Sec and Past Master Peter Cave attended this excellent Fund Raising event representing the Ward Club

Annual Church Service Monday 12th June
Rev'd William Taylor (Our Chaplain) and Rev'd John Hayton (A long standing member) led the Ward Club congreagtion in a short service before we moved off to Guildhall for our Civic Lunch.

The Service
All people that on earth do dwell From Psalm 100 - William Kethe (1550 to 1594)
First Reading - The President Psalm 103 v 1 -22
Those whose almighty word chaos and darkness heard - John Marrlott (1780 - 1825)
Second Reading - The Master - Matthew 6 v 5 - 15
Crown him with many thorns, the Lamb upon his throne Edward Perronet (1726 - 1836)
National Anthem

Civic Lunch Monday 12th June - Old Library
130+ Members and Guests enjoyed an excellent lunch with interesting and amusing speeches in the Company of Alderman and Sheriff William Russell. Our Master was very pleased to invite members of his family, Wendy Mead - the Chief Commoner and Ian Russell,  Master Leatherseller

The Menu
Reception - Baron de Beaumont Vin Mousseaux Brut
Warm Haddock and Leek Tart with Saffron Sauce- Vermentino IPG Pay d'Oc 2015
Rack of Sussex Lamb, Pine Nut and Basil Crust, Thyme Jus - Gamay 2013 - Val de Loire Simoneau
Dark Chocolate Mousse, Rum Creme Anglais
Coffee and Chocolate Truffles Barao Vilar Port or Cognac

Toastmaster Jamie Wallis Esq

A cheque for £1,000 for the Lord Mayor's Appeal was presented to The Sheriff by our Master and Vice President.
A cheque for £250 was also presented to the Sheriff for the Sheriff and Recorder's Fund

The toast to our Ward Club was given at the end of a very enjoyable speech by our Guest of Honour Alderman Vincent Keaveny. 

Beating the Bounds Monday 10th July (pics to come) 
Both of the Ward Aldermen - Charles Bowman (President) and Robert Howard (Master), lead 35+ Members around the boundaries of our two Wards. Beating the main marking points. This is a tradition that goes back centuries, when people could not read and write. Each generation had to be reminded, where their Village/Town Boundaries lay. Fights did ensue. This is probably the first time that this ceremony has been done by two Wards together and in harmony. The ast time Lime Street was involved in a Beating the Bounds was in 2003 - Master Peter Hill's year.

We started our perambulations at the entrance to St Helens Place where we were welcomed by the Leathersellers Master, Beadle and Clerk who escorted us all ("Limies" and "Cornies") to the East end of St Helens Place to beat our first boundary. Immediately next to us was a statue commissioned by the Leathersellers for H.M.Queen's 60th Jubilee.

Leadenhall Market next, a glass of "fizz" in the Market, kindly provided by the Broker Wine Bar 

St Mary Axe, Cammomile Street, Bishopsgate - Limies job done!
Cornies to the front.
Bishopsgate (on the West Side), along to Old Broad Street, down Old Broad street and along to Bank Junction. (Stopping off at Rocket for a Glass of Rose kindly provided for by Cornhill's Alderman).

Cornhill, Birchin Lane, Castle Court, Corbett Court, St Peter's Alley and a final "Beating" in Gracechurch Street - immediately opposite the entrance to Leadenhall Market - both Ward Boundaries have now been clearly marked!

Round the corner into Cornhill to the Counting House for an excellent, convivial end to a great evening.

Visit to Sotheby's Monday 11th September
22 Very lucky members and their guests well invited to a private showing all of the items coming up for sale in the forthcoming Made in Britain auction. We were given a fascinating talk by Robin Cawdron-Stewart one of Sotheby’s specialists. A glass of champagne, a copy of the Auction Guide and time to stroll round the Items and get tempted.

This event was very kindly organized for us by our Master's wife Lady Magdalen Asquith. Round the corner to Browns for an excellent supper rounded  off a very good evening.

The Inter-Ward Quiz
As winners the year before (again) we were tasked to organize this year’s event The Teams were Lime Street and Cornhill Queenhithe Bassishaw Coleman Street Broad Street Billingsgate Bishopsgate Algate Aldersgate Bread Street Langbourne Bridge Cripplegate Cheap Vintry and Dowgate

The quizmaster from Sussex Mr Steve Dempsey and his wife Anthea (Scorekeeper) set some fair but tricky questions over the 8 rounds. He was very determined that the answers were either right or wrong no half marks

After a close encounter – we managed to come third. The team from Queenhith’s first reaction when they found out they had one was “Oh help, we will be in trouble with our Hon Sec.!” – their second reaction was far more positive

An excellent 1 course supper was served from The Queens Head with Wine copiously poured by William and Chris Otter

Postal Museum Phoenix Place – Wednesday 11th October A personal guided tour round the highlights of this one of the newest attractions in London, culminating in a supposedly 20 minute ride on the new restored underground railway that used to take Post to all the major sorting Offices such as Mount Pleasant, near where the museum is located and King Edward Street. (near St Pauls). First Day covedrs, Letter Boxes, Royal Mail Stage Coach and much much more.

The ride on the train – it is tiny, was great fun – except that we were held at a Red signal for 15+ minutes. Those who traveled on Southern Rail (major problems for months) felt really at home. some souvenir buying in the shop and off round the corner to lunch at Belgo Brasserie for lunch. Good service, good food and wine – An excellent day out. 


A service of thanksgiving for the Lord Mayor - Monday 6th Nov
The Hon Sec and her husband (Peter) attended this really special serice at St Stephen Walbrook. This is now a "tradtion" and fixed in the City Calendar. (This was only the 2nd one). 

Uplifting Hymns, Zadok the Priest (Handel), prayers by the Lord Mayor's Chaplain - The Revd Canon Roger Royle  - and Revd Cannon David Parrott, Vicar of St Lawrnce Jewry finishing with Walton's Crown Imperial. A great send off. 

Friday 10th November - The Silent Ceremony - Giving of gifts
What a special day for the Ward Club. Our President and Aldermen of Lime Street Waqrd took over as Lord Mayor of The City of London from Alderman Andrew Parmley. The Silent Ceremony in Guildhall is basically as described - silent. During the Ceremony the incoming Lord Mayor specifically is presented with a touches" three specific Items.

A Sceptre


A purse


The City of London Seal


After the silent Ceremony is completed The Lord Mayor and the Late Lord Mayor retrun together to Mansion House

Slightly later in the afternoon - gifts are presented to the Lord Mayor and the 2 Sheriffs by Livery Companies (especially those closely associated with the Lord Mayor or Sheriffs and for the Lord Mayor - his/her Ward Club.

A group comprising - our Master Alderman Robert Howard, Daphne Cave, Peter Cave, Christopher Otter and............ presented the Lord Mayor with a Silver Gilt Minature of 
St Stephens Walbrook (his favourite building in the City - we bel;ieve). This was made for us by silversmith Viki Ambery-Smith, just stunning.

This Ceremoiny was followed by a Church Service at St Lawrence Jewry, then, up early to get ready for the Lord Mayor's Show.

Saturday 11th November (pics to come) - The Lord Mayors Show
A just factastic day as always, 

Preparing and planning months in advance one's own Ward Club Float and taking part in the parade is super special (the author can say this with certainty)

The floats theme was "The city through the ages" starting with a young Dick Whittington and a poor BoPeep ending with Sir Richard Whittington a glamorous looking BoPeep who had found her sheep and a seriously sophisticated black cat (Dick Whittington's of course) Between them a whole range of costumes from different eras, a 1900 Omnibus (first time on the City Roads since 1910). A Cheese Grater being attacked by mice and chased by the Cat. Very specially a contingent of pupiils from the City of London Academy Stepney Green telling all "We are the future£" with great gusto. (They even broke their drum!!) Thanks to everybody for their really hard work on the day.

N.B. The Lord Mayor had to rehearse riding in the Coach, and the Lady Mayoress riding sides addle at the start of the parade, so at 5.00am the Hon Sec and Peter Cave went along to give them some support.

That evening they took the time out to come to a small pre LM show party for the Ward Club participants. - this was greatly appreciated.

Lunch at Guildhall
25 Members and Guests who were not taking part in the parade watched it go past from inside or outside Guildhall where lunch had been arranged for them. A great venue to watch all the comings and goings and see our Alderman being waved off in the State Coach on his way to Mansion House

Leadenhall Lights - Friday 17th November

Along with the Alderman of Langbourne (Sir Dsvid Wooton) and the CC's from both Lime Street and Cornhill Wards our Master (and aAderman for Cornhill) Robert Howard and the Hone Sec, waited and welcomed The Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress to Leadenhall Market for the traditional turning on offf the Christmas Lights. A glass of mulled wineand a mince pie, kindly provided  by the Broker Wine Bar set the party up for a tour round the Market and then to switching on the lights.

Red Cross Fair - Monday and Tuesday 27th/28th November

A busy/very day for some Members of the Ward Club. It had been suggested that the Ward Club be involved in two different areas.
a) Taking over responsibility for the Front of House - Reception, Reffle Tickets, Silent Auction and arange of other things. Steve Hatton and Chris Otter in particualr worked extremely hard on both the Monday after noon and evening - and all day on the Tuesday. 

b) It was decided that we might try working with another Ward Club - Bridge Ward in jopintly running a stall for Christmas Cards, Wrapping Paper and Ribbon (Ribbon not a succees)Stock had to be bought, Stall set up and sales made. A lot of hard work went into this - overall at the end of the fair both Lime Street and Bridge Ward donated Each around £800 so the effort overall was worth while

All the above was pulled together by Past Master Peter Cave 


Carol Service Monday 4th December - St Peter uopn Cornhill
As usual a pretty full church, Christma Tree with plenty of presents underneath generously given by Ward Club Memebrs for poor city families - very greatly appreciated.In the absence of our Chaplain - the Service was led by Revd Henry Eastock-Taylor - who was to go one in 2018 to become vicar and St Michaels Cornhill (just down the road)

Choir (Introi)t  - Gabririel’s Message (arr Jim Clements)

Once in royal David's city

Choir  - Wexford Carol (Rutter) First lesson Isaiah 9 V 2to 27 - The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor - President of the Ward Club O come O come Emmanuel

Second lesson Luke 2 V 1 to 7 - Master of the Worshipful Company of Poulters Choir Hodie Christus (Poulnc) God rest you merry gentlemen

Luke 2 V 8 to 20 Master of the Ward Club Choir In dulci jubilo (Pearsall) Oh little town of Bethlehem

John 3 V16 to 21 – Upper Warden of the Ward Club Choir In the bleak midwinter (Darke) Hark the Herald Angels sing

Immediately after the Service the Master very kindly donated some “fizz” to get the rest of the evening off on a good footing White and Red Wine (Provided by Past Master Rowland Hughes) Soft Drinks (Mr Chris Otter) Catering by various Members and especially the Hon Sec, supported by Providence Row a Charity who have been helping homeless and vulnerable people since 1860.

 Everyone went home  in good spirits feeling that Christmas was definitely ont the way.


City Matters - To be completed

The last event in the Master's Year held upstairs in the Counting House Pub in Cornhill - Over ??? 

  came alpng to listen to an enjoysble and informative Talk given by ?????, role?????


AGM and Dinner 19th Feb 2018