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AGM and Annual Dinner


Members Evening


Visit to Theo Fennell Wed 10th May - South Kensington

A very special evening where 20 lucky members, through the kind assistance of one of our members (Kay Godfrey) were allowed in 2 small groups to visit the workshop of the amazing Jeweller. What made the evening even more special was that we were introduced to the Background and History of TF by Theo Fennell himself, who then toook each group on the tour. 



From concepts to sketches to amazing drawings to mock ups, to the "real thing". Fantastic. The group who were not on the tour had the opportunity to stroll around the amazing shop getting to hear about some of the Jewellery and other works of art on display whilst enjoying a Glass (or two) of Champagne. After a special evening leaving with a "Goodiebag just added to the overall experience.  

Red Cross Collection Day     Friday 12th May.
Many thanks to Kevin Hughes, Steve Hatton, Liz Thornborough, Julia Blackwell and Peter Cave for collecting around Lloyd's and Leadenhall Market for the Red Cross on Red Cross Collection Day. Drizzle and Cold made it exciting! BUT the "mantra" every £ you get is more than the Red Cross would have got keeps one going. At around 12.15 we "stood down" as the Master of the WC of Insurers and his small team moved in to hopefully "hit" the lunchtime "rush".

We raised £210, an excellent effort.

Annual Church Service Monday 12th June
Rev'd William Taylor (Our Chaplain) and Rev'd John Hayton (A long standing member) led the Ward Club congreagtion in a short service before we moved off to Guildhall for our Civic Lunch.
The Service
All people that on earth do dwell From Psalm 100 - William Kethe (1550 to 1594)
First Reading - The President Psalm 103 v 1 -22
Those whose almighty word chaos and darkness heard - John Mmarriott (1780 - 1825)
Second Reading - The Master - Matthew 6 v 5 - 15
Crown him with many thorns, the Lamb upon his throne Edward Perronet (1726 - 1836)
National Anthem

Civic Lunch Monday 12th June - Old Library
130+ Members and Guests enjoyed an excellent lunch with interesting and amusing speeches in the Company of Alderman and Sheriff William Russell. Our Master was very pleased to invite members of his family, Wendy Mead - the Chief Commoner and Ian Russell,  Master Leatherseller

The Menu
Reception - Baron de Beaumont Vin Mousseaux Brut
Warm Haddock and Leek Tart with Saffron Sauce- Vermentino IPG Pay d'Oc 2015
Rack of Sussex Lamb, Pine Nut and Basil Crust, Thyme Jus - Gamay 2013 - Val de Loire Simoneau
Dark Chocolate Mousse, Rum Creme Anglais
Coffee and Chocolate Truffles Barao Vilar Port or Cognac

Toastmaster Jamie Wallis Esq
A cheque for the Lord Mayor's Appeal was presented to The Sheriff by our Master and vice President.
The toast to our Ward Club was given at the end of a very enjoyable speech by our Guest of Honour Alderman Vincent Keaveny. 


Beating the Bounds Monday 10th July (pics to come) 
Both of the Ward Aldermen - Charles Bowman (President) and Robert Howard (Master), lead 35+ Members around the boundaries of our two Wards. Beating the main marking points. This is a tradition that goes back centuries, when people could not read and write. Each generation had to be reminded, where their Village/Town Boundaries lay. Fights did ensue. This is probably the first time that this ceremony has been done by two Wards together and in harmony.

We started our perambulations at the entrance to St Helens Place where we were welcomed by the Leathersellers Master, Beadle and Clerk who escorted us all ("Limies" and "Cornies") to the end of St Helens Place to beat our first boundary. Immediately next to us was a statue commissioned by the Leathersellers for H.M.Queen's 60th Jubilee.

Leadenhall Market next, a glass of "fizz" in the Market, kindly provided by the Broker Wine Bar 

St Mary Axe, Cammomile Street, Bishopsgate - Limies job done!
Cornies to the front.
Bishopsgate (on the West Side), along to Old Broad Street, down Old Broad street and along to Bank Junction. (Stopping off at Rocket for a Glass of Rose kindly provided for by Cornhill's Alderman).

Cornhill, Birchin Lane, Castle Court, Corbett Court, St Peter's Alley and a final "Beating"  - both Ward Boundaries have now been clearly marked!

Round the corner into Cornhill to the Counting House for an excellent, convivial end to a great evening.


Friday 10th November - The Silent Ceremony - Giving of gifts
What a special day for the Ward Club. Our President and Aldermen of Lime Street Waqrd took over as Lord Mayor of The City of London from Alderman Andrew Parmley. The Silent Ceremony in Guildhall is basically as described - silent. During the Ceremony the incoming Lord Mayor specifically is presented with a touches" three specific Items.

A Sceptre


A purse


The City of London Seal


After the silent Ceremony is completed The Lord Mayor and the Late Lord Mayor retrun together to Mansion House

Slightly later in the afternoon - gifts are presented to the Lord Mayor and the 2 Sheriffs by Livery Companies (especially those closely associated with the LM or Sheriffs) and for the Lord Mayor - his/her Ward Club.

A group comprising - our Master Alderman Robert Howard, Daphne Cave, Peter Cave, Christopher Otter and............ presented the Lord Mayor with a Silver Gilt Minature of 
St Stephens Walbrook (his favourite building in the City - we bel;ieve). This was made by???????????????????.

This Ceremoiny was followed by a Church Service at ??????

then, up early to get ready for the Lord Mayor's Show.

Saturday 11th November (pics to come) - The Lord Mayors Show

A just factastic day. A great dwal of thought