As with most of the ealier years we have very little information and no pictures.
Any information or pictures, menus, programmes would be greatly appreciated. 

N.B. Prices for events in many cases are shown as £. S. D (Pounds, shillings and pence) - this was pre decimilisation
e.g. £3.10.0p (240p to a £, not as today 100p to £1)
       £37/6 = £1.17.6p


Masrer Jack Holmes Landlord of the Grapes

AGM and House Dinner – Feb 16th - location unknown – 29 Members and 20 Guests
Meeting April 20th – House dinner – location unknown – 18 Members and 25 Guests
Meeting November 10th – House Dinner – location unknown  - 20 members and 24 Guests

G.D. Grinter (Cockburns and Co) 

AGM and House Dinner – Feb 15th - location unknown – 23 Members and 34 Guests
Meeting November 29th  November – House Dinner – location unknown  - 21 members and 21 Guests

John E Evan Cook - ran a firm of removal contractors
AGM and House Dinner – Feb 28th - location unknown – 20 Members and 21 Guests
Meeting November 21st  – House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel - 25 members and 37 Guests - Highest number to date


President Alderman Sir Bracewell-Smith Bart, KCVO
Master W.H. Wharton Esq - The publican - The Ship, Lime Street, until 2015 near the bottom end of Lime Street on the Aldgate Ward side 
Upper Warden Alan P Hobbs Esq
Lower Warden Douglas.B.Aldous Esq
Hon Sec  Douglas.B.Aldous Esq
Hon Treasurer C.N. Howard Esq

AGM and House Dinner – Feb 20th – Great Eastern Hotel– 27 Members and 33 Guests
They tried an April “House Dinner” again – 16th April Great Eastern Hotel - 4 members and 6 Guests!

Annual Banquet at the Mansion House October 16th 1964
 - currently the oldest known reference to a Civic Lunch

In the presence of the Lord Mayor Alderman Sir James Harman G.B.E

The whole event and presentation was in the style of a typical Livery Dinner

Grace by the Ward Chaplain, The Revd Meridith Davies MBE, TD, JP

Creme of Grouse
 - Madeira - Old Custom house Cercial
River Trout Belle Meuniere
 - Oestricher Doosberg Scheure 1961
Vol au Vent of Sweeetbreads
Sorbet - Iced Vodka

Sung Grace at the end - For these and all Thy mercies given........

I am not sure we would get away with Iced Vodka at a Civic Lunch in 2010s ?

Meeting House Dinner – 26th November – Great Eastern Hotel – 14 Members – 28 Guests

Something obviously happened to the club around now – numbers of attendees on the increase - possibly our involvement with Lloyd’s (Leslie Drew)

AGM and House Dinner – Feb 18thCaptain’s Room Lloyd’s40 Members and 75 Guests
Meeting April 20th– House Dinner – location unknown – 18 Members and 25 Guests
Meeting November 10th – House Dinner – location unknown  - 20 members and 24 Guests

Not much happened or they lost the book !
Annual Banquet at the Mansion House – 3rd November  - see invitation below


Master Leslie Drew - Tailor - Forum House - Lime Street Had another ship in Ilford and became Mayor of Ilford

No AGM ?

Meeting April 20th - House dinner – Abercorn Rooms– Great Eastern hotel
43 Members and 33 Guests - 37/6p
Guest Speaker – Rev Dr Gordon Huelin
He gave a talk on City Churches – A very well known and active preacher and academic of his time.

Ladies Banquet and Ball (a 1st ?) – 28th September 1967 - Painter-Stainers Hall
Reception 6.30
Dinner 7.15
Dancing 9.00  - Music by Claude Cavaolotti and his Orchestra
– NO Stiletto  Heels -
Cabaret 10.30  - The Gaytimers Floor Show
Cars – Midnight

Annual Ward Service and Harvest Festival – 4th October – St Peter’s Cornhill

Visit to Black Museum 31st August

Civic Luncheon at the Mansion House – 1st November
Was originally to be at Carpenters Hall on 3rd November but Lord Mayor had to cancel to attend a State Luncheon for the President of Turkey.
The Club was offered Mansion House which they accepted


Master  B.B. Cooper
Hon Sec Donald Abel
Hon Treasurer J Mepham
Hon Chaplain Alan J. N. Cook

22nd AGM on the 15th February - in the “Old Lloyd’s” Library (1928 Building) and Dinner “New Lloyd’s” (1958 Building) Captain’s Room – 61 Members and 78 Guests - 37/6p

Meeting 21st  April – House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms, Great Eastern Hotel – 32 Members and 31 Guests
Guest Speaker – Mr Godfrey Thompson FLA – The City Librarian
May and Sept – visits to the Criminal Records Office

3rd April – Civic Luncheon – Vitners Hall – in the presence of The Lord Mayor and Sherrif, "Ladies may not attend"
Main speaker Hugh Cudlip – Deputy Chairman International Publishing Corporation (IPC), Chairman Daily Mirror Newspapers….. £3.15.0p
On arrival Cocktails and Sherry

Saddle of Southdown Lamb
English Cheeses
with either, Traminer Bauman-Schohler 1964 or Chateau La Tour Canon 1961

May and Sept - Visits to the Criminal Records Office (only 10 -12 could visit at any one time)

Annual Ladies Banquet and Ball - 26th Sept  Abercorn Rooms, Bishopsgate. Music, Fllor Show and Dancing
Claude Cavolotti Orchestra Tickets £4.0.0.

Meeting 21st November – Committee Meeting and House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms – Great Eastern Hotel. Speaker Mr Frederick Clearey MBE, Chairman,  City of london Streets Committee £2.0.0.

H Gansel Brewer F.C.I.B.

Alderman Alan P. Greenaway
Vice President
Sir A Charles Trinder

Number of Members  102

23rd AGM and Dinner – Feb 20th – Lloyd’s Library and Captain’s Room – 41 Members and 63 Guests
Overall Assets as at 1/2/1969 £660.6.0p

Committee Meeting April 17th – House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms, Great Eastern Hotel - 25 Members and 21 Guests- “House Dinner” (42/- Pnds 2.10p) - note the prices were shown in Pnds, /Shillings /Pence and in decimal currency.
Cream of Aspargus Soup
Steak, Kidney and Musroom Pie - Steamed Cabbage, Cauliflower Mornay, Creamed Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Salad

Church Service St Peter’s upon Cornhill 18th June, 11.45am - "Members are requested to attend with their guests"
Civic Lunch 18th June – Mansion House
Cocktails and Sherry
Traminer Bauman-Schohler 1964 - Scotch Salmon with Cucumber Sauce Mayonaise
Graham's Malvedos Port - Strawberry Melba
Croizet V.S.O.P

September – the 1st ever Combined Ward Clubs, Ladies Banquet (and dancing) at Guildhall – Ward Clubs had to bid for tickets in the 2nd year. Dress code allowed Dinner Jackets but Full Evening Dress (White tie and tails) was preferred with the ladies wearing long dresses not short.

Cocktail Party - 16th October to enable members and their ladies to meet one another – Innholders Hall 37/6p
one of our earlier “Members Evenings ?”

Committee Meeting - November 20th – and House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms – Great Eastern Hotel -  38 Members and 44 Guests 42/-d (or £2.2.0 or 2 guineas)

19th December 1969 - Meeting of the "Entertainments Committee" - no minutes found.

Derek G.H.Hobbs
Director of a Lloyd’s Underwriting Agency. Had joined the Worshipful Company of Poulters in 1946
– is this the 1st  Poulter to be a Master ?

Around now it seems that more events were being organised than in the past and an Entertainments Committee had been put in place to help set up and organise all the events – it quietly faded away!. A pre-cursor of our Events Sub Committee set up in early 2000's, which faeded  away!. 
A questionnaire was issued to all members re future events, – "lectures on matters of topical interest" were greatly favoured. A big discussion was started on the heading for our new notepaper - see Our Club. 

Ties cost 15/-

As at AGM total assets od the Club £720/9/3d

Feb 19th - 24th AGM and Dinner – Lloyd’s Library (1928 Building) and Captain’s Rooms (1952 Building) – 42 Members and 72 Guests - 45/-d
Guest of Honour Mr Dudley Perkins MA, Director General of the Port of London Authority

3rd March - Entertainments Committee
Discussed arrangements for;
Talk on April 16th - see below
Civic Lunch - see below

16th April Committee Meeting followed by a talk on London Bridge by The City Engineer Mr H.K.King OBE, FICE 
    – St Peter’s Cornhill - Cheese and Wine plus talk.

Headed Notepaper
This was the year when questions were raised about the quality of the notepaper being used by the Club – new paper was ordered.

For more information on the story behind our notepaper and Banner click here 

27th April Church Service
                 Civic Lunch – Mansion House  in the presence of the Lord Mayor (Lt Col Sir Ian Bowater D.S.O.,T.D., DSc ) and the Lady Mayoress. The respose on behalf of the guests was given by The Dean of St Paul’s – The Venerable Martin G. Sullivan O.M.G., O.B.E, M.A.
It is interesting to note that the objectives of the Club as prepared in a note for the Lord Mayor were seen as “To promote friendly intercourse within the Ward, discussion of local and general affairs of the Ward, and to dispense parochial information

Caterers ("once again") Ring and Brymer (Birches) of Sun Street.

Civic Lunch Invite 1970


There was a big debate about the cost of the event. as a major increase in price from 1969 if the same Menu had been ordered

"Salmon and Strawberries much more expensive in April than June" plus

in addition it had been decided by the Caterer to add a further 10% as a service charge

Revised Menu;
Cornet of Ham filled with Russian Salad - Moselle Berkasteler Kueser Weissentein
Breast of Turkey "Poult Lucilius" (Boned Turkey) - Chateau Houssant (1961)
Fruit Salad Port Offley Forrester or Brandy Courvoisier V.S.O.P
Toast Master - E Osborne
Many thanks to Jim Attridge for sending this into us for our archves - we wish more people would.

Gifts for the Ladies were "again" provided by a Mr Harries

15th July Cocktail Party and Lloyd’s visit followed by a presentation at St Peter’s Cornhill of “The Wakefield Mystery Plays" (Written in the early 1400's, some of the earliest surviving drama written (written in verse) in English to teach the stories of the Bible. At this time the Bible was still only read in Latin.

21st Sept Combined Ward Clubs Ladies Banquet (and Dancing) - Guildhall. Members of Ward Clubs, their Ladies and guests. Lord and Lady Mayoress attended. £7.4.0d per person. Full evening dress preferred (White tie and tails).

7th October – Harvest Festival – St Peter upon Cornhill

20th October Ladies Night Banquet and Ball – Abercorn Rooms - Great Eastern Hotel
96 guests £3.0.0d per person (Cash Bar)

Consomme Madrilene
Delice de Sole Jean Bart (Old Provence recipe, white wine sauce, with prawns and mushrooms)
Selle d'Agneau Dubarry (Saddle of Lamb, cauliflower sauce)
Annas Georgette (Pineapple with Kirsch) 
Catering 47/-d per head - Band £50.00d

Very good feed back ("should become an annual event")
Discussions at various Committee Meetings re issuing of tickets for individual events - raised at least 4 times - answer every time "At no time has a ticket been issued for an event in the past"!  


19th November - Committee Meeting and House Dinner- Great Eastern Hotel
Guest Speaker Sir A Charles Trinder GBE, MA, DSc (Vice President)
Price 42/6d

Things discussed (1st copy of Minutes of Committee Meetings so far found) included;
Plan to demolish George and Vulture and Simpsons had been withdrawn.
Photo of Club Badge had been approved and submitted to City of London Records.
Finances in good order
Planned social activities for 1971

New note paper. Various possible drawings were submitted. It was agreed that as the Ward had no City Gate or Church it would be based around a drawing of the fascia of the East India Company House, whaich had been in Leadenhall Street - this is still the Heading on our paper and on the opening page of this Web Site. 

 A further Sub commitee Meeting tok place on 15th December re our "Crest" or Badge - see Our Club